The story of how it began.

My name is Shanon Dickson, Well it all started back when I was 13 years old (man that was a while ago) I started my dancing with Chris Marco (instep linedance) at Thornton as part of a dare back in 1993 but the dare has turned into a life long love of line dancing. 
I have danced with many clubs in the Newcastle area over the years and have made some great friends and also found the love of my life Mellissa Kelly to which we now have two beautiful daughters Jessie Lee & Amy Rae.
My dancing really took off while dancing with Kickin' Country Line Dance at Broadmeadow this is where I found my self competing in competitions all over NSW and managed to win a couple as well which i was very proud of I also took up teaching part time, this was a great learning curve and i enjoyed the experience.
From there I then was teaching for Boots Line dance at Hamilton where I was teaching 3 nights a week and also started D.J'ing on a regular friday night social this was a dream come true, During this time at Boots i was approached by two lovley ladys Kathy & Lyn from the Central Coast who asked if i was interested in D.J'ing once every two months between 2 different socials sharing the responsabilitys with Ian Duke every thing just seemed to be falling into place this was something that i would never have dreamed of.
After leaving Boots after our first daughter was born i had not been dancing up until late 2009 - 2010 but still D.J'ing at the Central Coast so that i could still keep in touch with what is being taught and going round the clubs, over the time off dancing many of people had come up and said "when are you going to be comming back to dancing" after hearing these comments for a period of time really got to me so late this year and with the backing of my lovely fiancee i made a return to dancing and teaching once again and i'm not looking back any more. it's time to get serious and have some fun once again and maybe even get back into the competition side of things.
So it's on ward and up ward looking forward to the future of line dance and the success of SnM Line Dance Promotions
I would also like to say a big thank you Pam you know who you are thanks for being there for both my self and mellissa and being a nanna to our kids, thanks for alway being there.